Artpot is an ecosystem and marketplace to buy and sell art. Artpot is an ecosystem and marketplace to buy and sell art.
  • ARTPOT - Virtual Vernissage Bridges Social Distance

    Artpot, arriving at the critical moment to support vitality in the contemporary art market through the coronavirus lockdown, is a perfect example. The tech startup launched  in NYC early in 2020, shortly before everything changed, and Artpot saw its mission to connect the art community, galleries, nonprofit art organizations, art investors, and art lovers via the internet shift from an interesting and innovative alternative to the ONLY type of option available since March.
    According to Founder and CEO King Li, a tech wizard and lifelong art lover, and Giovanna Sun, the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer coming to the project from a curatorial background, supporting local galleries and artists was always at the core of their vision for the app.
    As an artist struggles to find additional conduits to showcase their work, oftentimes they do not have enough exposure, limiting their interaction and engagement with collectors,” said Li.  “Our mission is to create a platform that connects the artists and collectors, bring them more relevance personally and creatively…
    Art collectors can engage with artists directly using our built-in social features, in-app chat, feeds, and social sharing. Now more than ever, with the “stop in and chat” culture of gallery openings on hold and possibly subject to new guidelines when things resume, innovations that extend the entire personal experience of mixing in the art community without actual physical contact are in high demand, and must be truly inspired and efficient if businesses and creators are to continue their work.
    Artpot was ready with solutions to these challenges to exhibitions even before they arose! Local art aficionados can now visit galleries without leaving their homes, and collectors can make purchases directly in the virtual gallery as if they were at the real gallery.  Users of the app can access a virtual walk-through of an actual gallery, created using photographs of the location transformed into a 3-D, time based experience, which Seph Rodney in Hyperallergic described as “among the most satisfying experiences of the virtual gallery.”