Artpot is an ecosystem and marketplace to buy and sell art. Artpot is an ecosystem and marketplace to buy and sell art.
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    Delta N.A. on view in Artpot 
    Juliet Art Magazine
    Translated and edited by Artpot
    Delta N. A. lands in the virtual world,  thanks to an innovative and revolutionary startup, Artpot. 
    Artpot is the collaboration between galleries, art magazines, artists, and curators, with the New York mobile app technology company, Sosokan.
    This new virtual platform was born in the past few months when the global pandemic forced everyone self guaranteed at home, the new technology brings all the exhibitions online. 
    The artworks can on view in 3D with every project has a scannable QR code. 
    Giovanna Sun and Delta N.A. met in LA through the BOA art gallery.  
    Behind the scene are Giovanna Sun, the international curator and Co-founder, King Li, the founder of Sosokan technology, and Artpot. 
    The idea behind this innovative artistic platform derives from the very stimulating experience that can be tried walking in the streets of Chelsea, the art district of New York, where you can go from one gallery to another and from the studio of one artist to another and where, despite being in the same city, even in the same neighborhood, it is possible to see very different techniques and artistic styles and meet talents from different countries and cultures.
    The works visible in the catalog are in fact displayed in a virtual gallery that can also be visited with 3D glasses and each work is associated with a scannable QR code; on the site there is also a blog that updates visitors on the developments and exhibitions of each artist represented.
    One of the promoters of the project is the international curator Giovanna Sun, who in her career has collaborated with numerous galleries and participated in countless art fairs, including the prestigious Taipei Auction Center Contemporary Art Salon, and who has introduced the works on the platform of the Delta NA artists from Asti, met for the first time in Los Angeles in 2012 during one of their personal exhibitions entitled "The colors of joy", Boa Art Gallery. 
    Artpot and its founder King Li also decided to use part of their efforts to support fundraising for nonprofit art organizations.