• Artpot [Nude] VR Art features Daniel Stanford

    Sourcing his inspiration from travel, spirituality and the radiant beauty found in nature, Daniel Stanford, a Montreal-based eclectic artist, is committed to creating art that stirs the soul.

    Renowned for his masterful use of mixed media, Stanford’s expertise lies in presenting his unique vision by combining photography and natural elements such as wood, gold, pigments, and precious metals. Always exploring contemporary mediums, Stanford also uses
    encaustic wax adding a new texture to the artwork.

    The result is a multidimensional experience that provides a complex, thought- and emotion-provoking journey for the admirer. Tapping into mysticism, enlightenment and perspective, Stanford thrives on using his work to reflect and recontextualize inner and outer beauty.

    This imaginative approach to his craft has served Stanford throughout his illustrious career, extending from artistic direction to painter and photographer.

    With over 20 years of experience across the fashion, luxury and branding arenas, Stanford has collaborated with photographers such as Leda Saint-Jacques and Raphael Mazzucco.

    The latter with whom he has created iconic campaigns for Lancôme, Guess Jeans, Intimissimi Lingerie, Revlon, and Victoria’s Secret, amongst others.

    The creative skills he has honed through these experiences deeply inform his work and play an integral role in his aesthetic process. FASCINASIA, an ongoing and consistently evolving collection driven by the artist’s extensive travels throughout Southeast Asia, is critically acclaimed throughout the art communities in Montreal, New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

    His photography collection, Brazil Sea of Dunes, is influenced by Stanford’s observations during recent travels to Brazil. His most recent work combines images of these iconic sandscapes with FASCINASIA-inspired mixed media paintings to create an ethereal, transportive collection. Brazil Sea of Dunes continues to garner excitement in London and across the art world for its unprecedented beauty. Visitors to Miami’s Wynwood Art district can view Stanford’s first outdoor mural installation that showcases his latest fusion piece across a fifty-foot wall.

    Since his first collection in 2010, the artist continues to amass an impressive legion of supporters and fans: In addition to personal portrait commissions, his paintings are also collected and admired by musicians, fellow artists, cultural influencers and designers. Arabian Dream has featured in the 2013 film House of Versace.

    Embracing the beauty and nuances of far-flung cultures with creativity and intention, Stanford’s work continues to take us on a geographical and emotional journey through his paintings and photography.
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