• Artpot Nude [VR] Art features Daniele Vannini

    Artist statement:

    My photography is the result of the suffering of personal discomfort. It was why I started taking photographs, to find a different interpretation of certain aspects of life.

    Born in Milan in 1984, Daniele Vannini began his professional career in 2010 as a reporter, collaborating with some Milanese press agencies and publishing in the most important Italian newspapers.

    His personal research unfolds between exploration and autobiographical analysis. "I use photography as a pretext to know and understand. I am attracted to what is defined borderline, by what the respectable society considers abnormal, wrong, or even perverse. What is considered" ugly "often reveals enormous authenticity, an obstinacy to live according to nature, without masks or conditioning.

    In parallel, I photograph what is part of my daily life, with its fears and insecurities. However, whether I'm photographing my son, a tree, or a naked trans-sexual doesn't change. I always feel like photographing myself. "

    To deal with this complex set of sensations, he adopts, on the other hand, an incredibly raw and direct shooting style. A contrasting black and white and, above all, the light from the flash fired on his subject. The flash shows things precisely for what they are. It is a harsh light, not sweetened, as is the reality of life. Therefore, the interpretation is not so much in the way I photograph, but how to mine the photos will be observed, And it is the same reason I hardly give it a title.

    Leave the field free to my observer and, at the same time, put him in front of reality for what it is. It is my purpose.
    Artpot Nude [VR] Art
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