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    After a beginning with portraits and figurative works created in collaboration, the art duo Delta N.A. started developing the ability to express themselves together in total freedom, working simultaneously on the same canvas.
    They started showing their artworks in 2008 in Italy, and later on, they brought their art to the international contemporary art scene.
    They traveled to South America and 2010 to the United States, exhibited many groups and solo shows in Los Angeles with Norbertellen Gallery and BOA Art Gallery.
    After a period of research, the artists developed a new technique painting only bare hands. This choice gave them the name of "Instinctive Expressionists" ( Galeria El Lunario, San Jose del Cabo, Mexico 2012).
    In 2012 and 2014, they express the lightness of a harmonious Universe in which humanity of feelings and immensity of spirit merge in a dance of colors and lines collected into flowers.
    This series of paintings has been shown in U.S.A at Soho Gallery Beverly Hills, in collaboration with the INSTITUTE OF ITALIAN CULTURE and CATM NEW YORK AGENCY; in Italy at Die Mauer Art Gallery, also receiving the "Quality and Originality Award" at the 5th Biennale of Genoa.
    In 2014 Delta N.A. has been invited by the Art Magazine IRREVERSIBLE ART to represent Italy with a sculpture during the "Giants in The City" exhibition, Bayfront Park, Miami, Florida.
    At the end of 2014, the artists have reached a new form of expression, creating a series of paintings they have called "Harmonies": The subjects, once well delineated with solid colors, lose their boundaries and dissolve in the widespread light of infinite space, in the harrowing search of a perfect union between the immensity of destiny and human fragmented daily life.
    In 2015 the French gallery Beddington Fine Art in collaboration with CATM NEW YORK AGENCY, dedicated a solo show to Delta N.A. presenting the Harmonies serie and their new sculpture "Rivelazioni".
    With the sculpture Rivelazioni, the couple of artists have started exploring the relation between Man and Universe giving birth to a new language and a more complex theory on the perception of reality called "Existential Mechanic."
    During 2016 and 2017, Delta N.A. showed their artworks with an itinerating project titled "A journey with heart." The exhibition was focused on the theme of travel intended as both physical and existential journey and described through the abstract lens of the Existential Mechanic.
    The connection between the human soul and the Universe inspired Delta N.A.
    "A journey with heart" was exhibited in many art galleries and museums in Italy and abroad, including solo shows at the Institute of Italian Culture in Jakarta, Indonesia, and all around Italy: Die Mauer Contemporary, Baccaro Art Gallery, and Palazzo Ottolenghi -Museum of Risorgimento.
    Delta N.A. has also created "Pope Francis Vineyard," ink on paper chosen to be the label for "Laudato," the wine born from Pope Francis vineyards in Italy. The original artwork has been donated and permanently exhibited in Portacomaro, the village of Pope Francis's family.
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