• For immediate release: Artpot Nude Art

    For immediate release: Artpot Nude Art
    For immediate release:
    Artpot is pleased to announce its first Nude Art immersive experience online.  This online viewing room showcases a group of artists' art throughout the world. Artpot Nude Art built three dimensions rendered gallery for all guests to experience a multi-sensory experience.
    In Artpot Nude Art, we curated rare nude art, including: paintings, drawings, and photographs. These exclusively selected works are coveted by artists and private art collectors.
    Collectors and aficionados lovers can enjoy pieces of art, celebrating the beauty of the human body.  
    Enlightenment From the Curator: 
    “In the western art world, nudity is an ordinary object in the works. “
    “Nude figure drawing is the first lesson for art students who want to learn drawing, and it's an essential learning technique in art school.”
    From modern art to contemporary art, nude body always inspires artists to create art.
    When experiencing nude art, they have all types of feelings. They perceive the innocent, the erotic, abstract, and symbols come to their mind.
    “We built the immersive 3-D space to permit the guests to experience nude art in virtual reality.”
    “This online art show is Artpot's first rendered art show.  We feature international artists, and the viewers can join our online viewing room, enjoy a multi-sensory experience and listen to electronic music.”
    Experiencing nude art in a private viewing room online at home can allow the viewers to enjoy immersive experiences without having to concern themselves with the safety precautions associated with COVID-19
    Open a bottle of wine, join our exciting nude art at the end of year, build your art that celebrates the beauty of the human body
    (Co-founder of Artpot and Curator: Giovanna Sun)
    9 Participants artists: 
    Delta N.A.
    Neyla Nacho Bouattour ( From private art collector)
    Daniel Stanford
    Giovanna Sun 
    Bob Stanley (From private art collector) 
    Daniele Vannin
    Xiao Faria daCunha
    Nhon Huynh (From private art collector)
    In collaboration and partnership with: 
    Art and investments magazine
    Urban Exit Magazine
    Art 511 magazine
    International Women Artists’ Salon
    Warm-ups and nude experiment instructions
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    1. Watch Youtube video https://youtu.be/Zh20_bV1iAo
    1. Buy a bottle of wine or whiskey and cotton candy
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    November 5, 2020, 6-8 pm
    Orientation and artist talk
    VIP private Vernissage
    Secret party + artists’ talk
    November 6, 2020, 6-10 pm
     November 7-November 11, 2020, 12-5pm
    One on one private tour guide 
    *All events are RSVP only, guests enter the private viewing room by appointments.
    Viewer's age restriction must be at age 21 or older.
    Publicist and inquires: Heidi Russell / Email: heidirussellpublicist@gmail.com