• On view: Park 23 art fair features John McLane

    On view: Park 23 art fair features John McLane
    Artist statement:
    Visual art serves as a mediator between the realms of the physical and the spiritual creating a bridge from our eyes to our souls.  I believe art is not just about perfecting realism, but rather about expressing the deepest and most profound human emotions that cannot be put into words.     
    My art is music on canvas, a physical representation of the power of love and gratitude.  Everything from quantum mechanics to the mysterious properties of water to the unimaginable size of stars and galaxies gives me inspiration.  
    My purpose is to share this inspiration with everyone who views my work as a contribution to enrich the collective quality of our lives.    
    The current focus of my artistic mission is “Abstract Energy Painting” which incorporates knowledge from the ancient tradition of “Feng Shui” to enhance the natural energy flow of a space according to the Feng Shui color compass.  My hope is that viewers will absorb the positive energy contained within each work and reflect that very same energy back into our world.