Artpot is an ecosystem and marketplace to buy and sell art. Artpot is an ecosystem and marketplace to buy and sell art.

About Artpot team

The Artpot mobile app, launched in April 2020, streamlines the entire art market process. From purchasing artwork to connecting curators, art event producers, and art writers worldwide, we strive to create an exceptional experience for all these stakeholders.

Highlighted features include data analytics, e-commerce, mobile commerce, customer support, 360 Virtual Galleries, 3-D rendered Space, AR (Augmented Reality), and a unique QR-Code for all artwork.
Not only is Artpot a global platform for buying, selling, collecting, but also Artpot uses advanced technology to let art lovers experience artwork through their mobile phones using AR studio and gallery visits virtually from anywhere in the world. We integrate all the resource and data of both the art lover and the art seller. Our platform connects The Arts’ marketplace, individuals, communities, blogs, events, and other mobile apps.
Artpot recognizes the importance of the nonprofit arts community and provides sponsorship programs for nonprofit arts organizations to contribute to the global efforts to nurture The Arts in all cities large and small.
Our partners:
Art511 Magazine
High Line Chelsea Open Studios
Art and Investments Magazine
International Women Artists’ Salon
Arztdeal (Taipei Auction Center ) 
2020 Art show and exhibition
March 7, 8-High Line Chelsea Open Studios (Chelsea, New York)
June 19, Power of Art online virtual gallery and artist talk ( Zoom event )
July 23, 24, 25, 26, 27-Artpot Vernissage Hamptons (Hamptons, New York)
August 15, 16, 17, 18-Contemporary Photo Salon in Taipei Auction Center
Upcoming art show this Fall and Winter:
2020 October to November:
Artpot Nude [VR] Art
Artpot Art Fair (TBA )
2021 Spring and Fall, Contemporary Art Salon and Contemporary Photo Salon in Taipei 
2021 Highline Chelsea Open Studios (New York ) 
Our services:
Open studios
Custom 3D scanning service
Immersive art experience
Virtual gallery and hosting
Art event 
Art reviews, articles, and consultation
Global Art fair and art show
Nonprofit art organization sponsorship
Gallery Partnership Program