Artpot is an ecosystem and marketplace to buy and sell art. Artpot is an ecosystem and marketplace to buy and sell art.

Call for art submissions: Artpot Nude –[VR] -Art

Artpot’s original curation: Artpot Nude -V -Art is our unique curation to bring art show from a physical location to the online virtual world.
Application deadline: October 5, 2020

RSVP only, guests can enter the private viewing room by appointments.
Nude art is the most common art in the western world.
All humans were born without cloth. When we start to protect ourselves from the temperature and environment, we begin to wear fabric.
Nude art is the first lesson for art students who want to learn drawing, and it’s an essential factor in western art history.
From modern art to contemporary art, the nude always can inspire artists to create art.
Nude art is not only nude figures but also in many perspectives. Nude art is a mixture of innocent, erotic, abstract, and symbolic.
Artpot Nude Art, we selected rare nude art, includes paintings, drawings, and photographs.
We build the immersive 3-D space to let the guests experience nude art in the virtual reality way.
To apply, upload 5 images and artist bio, we will contact you ASAP.

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