Artpot is an ecosystem and marketplace to buy and sell art. Artpot is an ecosystem and marketplace to buy and sell art.

Nonprofit art sponsorship program

Arts organizations, institutions and nonprofits must adapt to the new normal. Foot traffic and visibility or art pieces in a specific location must be supplemented or replaced with a virtual experience. If you rely on donations and on sales of art to survive, Artpot wants to help.
Artpot will donate it’s virtual art showcase technology and marketing services.  For you as a nonprofit art organization, you can continue to showcase the exhibitions through our app and platforms.
We are here to support you. Art nonprofit organizations can showcase arts through the Artpot app without cost. We sponsor our technology and marketing strategy to support artists and organizations.
When you become our affiliate nonprofit art members, your art will be visible to our global art community.  It’s a great way to increase your online presence for your nonprofit art projects. We produce the advertising banner, app profile, and e-commerce for your artists.
Artpot does not’ replace your website and your social media presence, we work in tandem by using our reach within the arts community to provide you with an additional, effective way to reach collectors, supporters and enthusiasts
We provide an effective way to let you get the donations by showcasing and selling the artworks through our platform. Our art members receive newsletters and social media messages to view artworks relevant to their interests and are able to make an offer to buy the art even though they can’t be in your location.
Because of our commitment to the arts community, we target and market your nonprofit arts to art collectors and donors. Our members and users include entrepreneurs and art collectors. When the campaigns finished, you get the chance to reach out to potential donors and followers worldwide and increase social proof and online brand recognition.
Our value to you goes beyond being a secondary channel. By joining our program, you can access our data to view all the established artists and emerging artists. You can get followers, fans, and volunteers for your next art projects. 
The sponsorship program includes the following.
  1. Free onboarding, includes artist profiles, advertising banners, e-commerce.
  2. Free membership through December 31, 2021
  3. Free mobile app development
  4. Free design services
  5. Free publicity, press release, newsletter, and social media
  6. Free data analytics
  7. Opportunity to donate one artwork for sale in our app and we only charge a 5% administrative fee after artwork sold
Join today.
Become an affiliate nonprofit member and get global exposure to the art community and art lovers.
Application checklist to be partnered with Artpot nonprofit sponsorship Program
  1. Name of founder, manager, and contact person
  2. Organization Description and art project description
  3. List of artists and bios
  4. List of the upcoming exhibitions
  5. Company address, telephone number and email address.
  6. Price and images
  7. EIN number for sales receipt
To apply online: