Herberto Turizzo Anaya - Eco Illogico


Artist: Herberto Turizzo Anaya

Title: Eco Illogico

Dimensions: 17 x 20

Medium: acrylic on canvas  

Year: 1993

At first glance, the fish fly in the sky, birds swim in the water, and the vision is upside down. The land is still in the middle which shows it as a stabilizer and keeps a kind of balance – and more, a pleasure since it is without any human figures. 

“I’m in a place between nature and my imagination. Nature is there, but my imagination takes nature and creates new shapes."

Herberto Turizzo Anaya (Columbia-American) Turizzo was born in El Limon, Colombia in 1952, and spent much time in the jungle. Myth and magical realism of the jungle’s elements and symbols, give him a way to balance a vision of bringing humanity to nature and further toward transcendence; this lies in counterbalance to his bewilderment at humanity’s darker instincts. For more than four decades, the artist has produced and shown acrylic paintings and mixed media works in Latin American, England and the U.S. In 1981, Turizzo moved to New York and now lives in the Hudson Valley.

“My vision is dedicated to exploring the depths of the natural world and its wonders.
I live in the lower Hudson Valley surrounded by nature. I feel inspired to capture on canvas the natural beauty and tranquility of the region which encompasses the animals, birds, trees, water, mountains, and stones. It is important to keep the balance between humans and nature. I enjoy highlighting the beauty found in these natural elements.”

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