Reinhard Blank - Change through the coordinates space and time


Artist: Reinhard Blank

Title: Change through the coordinates space and time

Dimensions: 90.5 X 35

Medium:  pigment on canvas

Year: 2017

Born in Memmingen, Germany, Blank lives and works in Thal Atelier, Bad Grönenbach, Germany. In 1986, he earned an MFA (master class diploma), The Academy of Fine Arts, Munich (Akademie der Bildenden Künste München, also known as Munich Academy), Germany.

Unornamented, radically-simplified geometric forms are grounded in Earth symbolism and demonstrate Blank’s concerns with the world, the body, the mind, and the spirit.

His rational structure design correlates width, length, area, volume, proportion, space, and the Fibonacci sequence to promote his aesthetic view, and also respond to visual interpretation with implicit and metaphorical statements in a systematic style. Blank’s work emphatically endorses a harmonic, meditative character appealing for contemplation of the rationality of human intellect. This reveals his innermost concern with consciousness – a seemingly comprehensible, mechanical structure, modified by a transcendence beyond the limits of rationality, and hence unknowable.


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